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About Us

Trees need doctors too. That’s why Schneider Shrub and Tree Care offers world-class healthcare for your trees and shrubs. We believe in preventative maintenance: doing everything we can to keep your trees and shrubs healthy long before any severe weather, pesky insects, or harmful diseases strike. We also diagnose and treat existing disease or infestation to restore your plants back to health. If your trees or shrubs need trimming or pruning, check out Schneider Tree Care. But if your trees or shrubs need soil care and fertilization or treatment for existing illness, you’ve come to the right place. From protection to diagnosis to treatment–we’ve got you covered.

Shrub and Tree Care - Prevent Disease and Insects

Core Values

Do the Right Thing

Our idea of a client is someone we are sworn to protect, and that is exactly what we aim to do. We are committed to honesty and fairness when working with our clients, and though it may seem like a simple concept, when put into a business perspective this principle has huge implications. This is why it’s the first Core Value on the list!

Fanatical Client Service

The word “fanatical” is extreme, and that’s why we chose it! When it comes to taking care of our clients, we want to provide “extreme” service. Our goal every single day is to make sure we are serving our clients fanatically well. We believe in providing care at the highest standard-- the client’s.

Culture of Safety

“Culture” refers to attitudes and behaviors of a group of people, and for us a “culture of safety” looks like an attitude of safety throughout each day of the week, not just at work! Safety doesn’t end when you clock out. We’re dedicated to living a sustainable life, and this Core Value helps us do that both at work and at home.

Pursuit of Excellence

As we grow, our goal will always be to learn and be better than we are today. We will never stop at “adequate” or “sufficient”; we want to set the bar high and raise it. As Jim Rohn says, “Don’t wish it was easier; wish you were better.” You can never achieve perfection, and this is why we continue learning, growing, and improving-- to keep getting better each and every day.

Team First

At Schneider Shrub and Tree Care, we have each others’ backs. We have a phenomenal team working together to make sure your property is receiving the best care possible. We are a team of people taking care of the urban environment one tree or shrub at a time, and we couldn’t do it without the right people in the right places.

Why Choose Schneider Shrub
and Tree Care?

  • Committed to client care and satisfaction
  • Certified team of technicians
  • Quality materials and application tools
  • Honest quotes and customized plans
  • Locally owned franchises

Rid your trees of Disease with shrub and tree care

You'll know you've made the right choice. Why? Because Schneider Tree Care has the most qualified, professional team in the South Carolina or North Carolina. It's true. With over 18 fully Certified Arborists and two Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals calling Schneider Tree Care home, you can be confident the job will be done right. And in your budget. You simply can't do better anywhere!