Tree Shrub Service Greenville SC

We believe you should enjoy your outdoor spaces all summer long. We offer an Organic Mosquito Control that helps keep those bites to a minimum and allows you and your family to enjoy your yard without worrying about harsh chemical sprays. We use a people and pet friendly organic garlic spray that works as good or better than the chemical sprays offered by others, and for a couple hours after we leave, will smell like a great Italian restaurant. We'll help you enjoy your space and keep it safe!

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Tree Disease Treatment Charleston SC

Unlike most companies, we seek out the problem, and begin a treatment program versus removing the shrub or tree. With our help, your shrubs and trees will never look better!

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Expert Tree Service Charlotte NC

Our certified and experienced specialists are able to identify which pest is destroying your shrubs and trees, and safely treat the problem without damaging any property in the process.

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Why Choose Schneider Shrub & Tree Care?

You'll know you've made the right choice. Why? Because Schneider Tree Care has the most qualified, professional team in the South Carolina or North Carolina. It's true. With over 18 fully Certified Arborists and two Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals calling Schneider Tree Care home, you can be confident the job will be done right. And in your budget. You simply can't do better anywhere!